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Rory Freedman

About the Author

RORY FREEDMAN is the coauthor of the best-selling manifesto Skinny Bitch, as well as the subsequent books in the series, which collectively have sold millions of copies. An outspoken advocate for animals, Rory lives in Los Angeles with her beloved dogs: Timber, Joey, and Lucy.

TimberTimber holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Overt Food Thievery, a Master’s in Covert Food Thievery, and a Doctorate in Being So Handsome, He Can Do Whatever He Wants. He’s also an award-winning snuggler, bed hog, and drama queen, and, in charge of all household toys.

JoeyJoey, for the most part, is above playing with toys. As the head of security, her attention and focus instead lie on keeping a secure perimeter. Aside from being sweet, independent, and low maintenance, she can also maintain eye contact with humans for an impressive amount of time.

Lucy—part Fraggle, part Muppet, part Swiffer—is as dopey as she is cute. And she’s really cute. While occasionally afraid of large, inanimate objects, she has no fear of bodily harm and is a regular practitioner of parkour.
Photos by Blake Gardner